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Call management

Our Call Management Software enables interconnects with carriers and customers via VoIP. Further features include live stats, performance data and a finance tool that makes invoicing and billing easy. In addition, each customer account has the ability to become an autonomous reseller platform on its own.


We are offering International Premium Rate Numbers to customers who want to monetize their content in markets where domestic solutions are not available. These are revenue share numbers and can help reach a wider audience for voice based products.


Our voice based Contact Centre platform enables organisations to stay in touch with customers. These are geared towards small to medium size businesses with up to 80 operators. Examples of such services are Customer Service Centres for any type of industry, Technical Support, 1-2-1 Voice Chat & other. 


why us

Founded in 2010, we are based in the United Kingdom and Germany. We have build a vast catalogue of technical products and connected to a large amount of carriers to provide our customers with everything they need to make their business successful. ​

So why us? Firstly, we have a great track record within our industry and are a reliable partner to many. Secondly, our technical products are user friendly and scaleable. And last but not least, we have years of experience and can help newcomers or established businesses, kick start, enhance or grow their organisation.

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