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Founded in 2010, and with a current presence in Europe, Africa and Asia, we are a small business with big ideas. Our focus is in the sourcing of effective billing solutions, the design and implementation of compelling mobile entertainment products and digital marketing. In addition, the development of our own in house technology facilitates this full end to end process.


No user is the same. Our physical presence across the globe enables us to build products that are tailored to the interests and cultures of the local audience, engaging people from all walks of life. Our current product portfolio consists of sports related content, contests/competitions, content download services, mobile dating and live operator services.


We actively seek and utilize the most effective billing solutions in each market we operate in. Historically and currently, we utilize both international and domestic voice solutions in emerging markets. However our growth is increasingly based on direct operator billing and mobile wallets. We are very interested in forging relationships with any providers to open up new billing opportunities, from MNOs and mobile wallet providers, to international voice carriers and billing aggregators – if you have effective and reliable billing, please get in touch with us!


We focus on digital marketing, as it allows us to reach across the world and alert users to our content and services in a simple, controllable, and cost effective way. Whilst CPC, CPM and affiliate marketing have been our focus over previous years, we are increasingly utilizing social media to create brands to disseminate our content. Once users have entered our ecosystem, we utilize our CRM engine to maximize ARPU.


All of our technology is created in house by our technical team to specifically service our requirements. We are able to interconnect with any billing provider, whether voice, SMS, DOB, or any other.

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