Our main area of expertise is voice based premium rate billing. Our technology allows us to connect end users in a huge amount of countries across the world directly to premium voice services of multiple genres.

  • Domestic Premium Rate Numbers
  • We always aim to connect directly with the in-country networks wherever possible, and have multiple direct interconnections which allow us to provide the best quality and highest outpayments. Where we are not connected directly we deal with trusted partners with whom we have a long track record of working – so we can ensure the most secure and reliable billing in every origin.

  • International Premium Rate Numbers
  • In countries where there are either no domestic premium rate solutions, or where they are not fit for purpose, we utilize international numbers as a billing solution. We work with owners of number ranges and international transit carriers to open up these ranges, with the intention to provide a billing solution that allows each party to benefit; the end user being able to access the content they require, the transiting carrier gaining revenue from carrying the call, the number range owner on a revenue share for each minute run on their numbers, and the content provider having a way to bill for their content.
    We are always looking for new partners in this regard – both owners of number ranges, and international wholesale carriers who can carry the traffic. If this describes you – please click here and get in touch.

  • SMS & Direct Mobile Billing
  • We are currently opening up connections and developing technology to be able to offer billing both by premium rated SMS, and by direct mobile billing (where the user has the charge for the content taken directly from their mobile bill).